Weekend Update


Mean Gene — Good Evening, SBW fans. I’m Mean Gene Okerlund.

Young — And I’m Renee Young. We welcome you to the Seoul Brothers Wrestling Weekend Update.

Mean Gene — Ric Flair is here, but he has yet to be sanctioned for an SBW match.

Young — However, his daughter, Charlotte “the Queen” Flair is scheduled to face Gail Kim at next weekend’s Broadcast Special. The Queen cost Kim an opportunity for the Women’s Wrestling Championship.

Mean Gene — Kim is seeking to assuage her disappointment by beating Charlotte.

Young — And speaking of the World Women’s Championship, we will learn whether it is better to be a Boss or an Empress as Sasha Banks battles Asuka for the title.

Mean Gene — Renee, while the Nature Boy isn’t wrestling, he does have a protégé who is gunning for the World Wrestling Championship.

Young — That’s right. Ric Flair has taken Jimmy Wang Yang under his wing, and Yang will face A.J. Styles for the World Wrestling Championship.

Mean Gene — Arn Anderson is debuting in SBW by taking on Curt Hawkins.

Young — Hmmmm. We’ve seen Barry Windham. Soon, Arn Anderson. Does that mean the Four Horsemen will reunite in SBW?

Mean Gene — That could play havoc with the championship scene.

Young — Another championship that will be settled will be the World Tag Team Championship.

Mean Gene — We know that the Perfect Show, consisting of Big Show and Mr. Perfect, will be in contention for that belt.

Young — But we still don’t know who they are facing.

Mean Gene — We do know that in two weeks, at our next television broadcast, the United States Championship will be awarded. Big E will face the winner of next weekend’s Samoa Joe and Big John Studd match.

Young — We’ve got a lot of great wrestling to look forward to. Tune in for the mid week press conferences to learn more about these match ups.

Mean Gene — On behalf of Seoul Brothers Wrestling, thank you for watching. Good evening, my friends. See you soon.


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