World Tag Team Championship


Mean Gene – Commissioner Kim, I am here to ask you the question that everyone has been clamoring for the answer to since last week’s broadcast. Who will face the team of the Perfect Show for the World Tag Team Championships?

Slide 06.jpg

Commissioner Kim — SBW is proud to announce that the team of Hulk Hogan and the Undertaker has been sanctioned to compete against the Perfect Show.

Hulk Hogan — What is SBW gonna do when Hulk Hogan and the Undertaker run wild over all the competition in the tag team division?

The Undertaker — I can’t wait to add some new souls to my collection.


Slide 07.jpg

Big Show — What are you going to do when you face somebody you can’t just muscle around, Hogan?

Hogan — Listen brother, all the hulkamaniacs out there are going to run wild through the streets celebrating when I pull the curtains on this show. The police better get the barricades up to contain the celebrations from my hulkamaniacs when the Undertaker and the Hulkster win the World Tag Team Championship.

Mr. Perfect — I have the perfect funeral planned for you. The dead will stay dead this time.

Undertaker — Here lies the end of Perfect Show. I promise that you will rest in peace after we bury you.


Slide 08.jpg

Hart – I like how you waited until today to reveal the Perfect Show’s opponents. You like mystery? You want suspense? Just wait until you see who shows up to watch your match. Whoever wins won’t be champ for long because my Hart Foundation will be coming for those belts.

Long – Holla, Holla, Holla cause you have forgotten about Harlem Heat. Who has Hogan and Undertaker beaten to deserve this title opportunity?

Commissioner Kim – We will talk about who will face the World Tag Team Champions after the title match, my friends. This is not the time for such negotiations, and I do not appreciate this grandstanding.

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