Commisioner Kim


Commissioner Kim was born in Seoul, South Korea but has resided most of his life in Chicago, Illinois, enjoying the accoutrements of the historic Printers Row neighborhood. The commissioner was an accomplished amateur wrestler who, after having studied Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Mui Thai, and boxing, left the amateur game for the challenge and payday of Mixed Martial Arts. Quickly dominating the MMA ranks, Commissioner Kim became frustrated with the stifling rules limitations of MMA and lack of creativity in competition. Joining the underworld of pit and cage no-limits combat, Commissioner Kim enjoyed testing himself against the world’s best fighters. However, he was deeply saddened with the disregard for competitors’ well-being from promoters. Commissioner Kim was also sorry that the no holds barred nature of the competitions meant that he had to inflict tremendous amounts of damage on others in order to prove himself. Commissioner Kim discovered that professional wrestling balanced the creative freedom of no-limits fighting with the safety of MMA. For years, Commissioner Kim has wrestled professionally around the globe, proving himself amongst the very best to ever compete in the squared circle. Having stepped down from competition, Commissioner Kim, with the help of his brothers, has founded Seoul Brothers Wrestling in order to bring the best real professional wrestling to all corners of the world.

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