Television Broadcast



Mean Gene Okerlund — Seoul Brothers Wrestling is on the air! Ladies and Gentlemen, people of all ages, welcome to the SBW inaugural television broadcast. We welcome you here to watch the world’s best, real professional wrestling. As my guests today, I have with me our heads of officiating, twin brothers Dave and Earl Hebner. They oversee our federation’s rules committee.

Dave Hebner — We are here for a presentation of SBW regulations.

Earl Hebner — Of note, in SBW, the referee will adjudicate all disputes and has final say over the match.

Dave — No one can overturn the referee’s decision other than the referee himself.

Mean Gene – Not even our commissioner, Mr. Kim?

Dave – That’s right, Mean Gene. Not even Commissioner Kim can overturn a referee’s decision.

Earl — We don’t use video replay, either.

Mean Gene — Why is that?

Dave —We don’t want to slow down the action. Besides, the referee is in the best possible position to make all decisions.

Mean Gene — Before we get into the specifics, we have a World Wrestling Championship qualification match. The winner of this match will face AJ Styles at next weekend’s Broadcast Special. Let us go ringside in order to provide you with this tremendous experience.


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