Television Broadcast



Mean Gene — What is Ric Flair doing here?

Dave — The dirtiest player in the game will find that SBW officials will not put up with his shenanigans.

Mean Gene — I’m sure of that, gentlemen. Besides having the very finest professional wrestlers, we have the world’s finest officiating crew. Let’s continue with our examination of SBW’s rules.

Earl — Our rules are standard professional wrestling rules, including the prohibition against closed fist strikes. Additionally, intentionally throwing an opponent over the top rope will result in a disqualification.

Dave — We want to continue to stress that a referee has the final say in any match.

● The referee may stop or break unsportsmanlike conduct whose intent is to injure, rather than incapacitate, the opponent.
● Failure to follow the referee’s instructions or warnings will lead to a disqualification.
● Titles shall not change hands on a disqualification or a draw.
● All rules may change based on stipulations to which both parties agree.

Mean Gene — Thank you, gentlemen. Let’s go back to the ring and see the World Women’s Championship qualifying match.

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