Television Broadcast

World Women’s Championship qualifier
Gail Kim vs. Sasha Banks


Charlotte Flair — How can Seoul Brothers Wrestling call this a World Championship if the Queen isn’t wrestling for it?

McMahon — I see you’ve brought in a guest commentator without consulting me.

Heyman — When you’ve got a chance to have someone like the Queen at ringside, you take the opportunity, McMahon.

Charlotte — SBW has ignored both my father and myself. We are the best men and women’s professional wrestlers in America, the world, the solar system, and the universe. We both deserve to wear championship gold.

McMahon — There is a competition committee in place that determines rankings, and based on those—

Heyman — McMahon the company man. How about that for your new catch phrase?

McMahon — There’s no call to be rude.

Heyman — How can the Nature Boy and the Queen not be at the forefront of SBW?

Charlotte — SBW knows that if the Flairs get the gold, nobody else stands a chance.

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