Television Broadcast


Mean Gene — I have a question for our head officials: is that Superman Punch a legal move?

Earl — As Reigns’ feet are off the ground when he throws that Superman punch, it is legal.

Mean Gene — Alright Earl, thank you. Let’s hear from our other official in charge of rules: Dave Hebner. Dave will address the ins and outs of our tag team matches.

Dave — All tag matches will adhere to the single match rules with the exception of the following:

  • Legal tags occur when the legal wrestler tags the hand of the partner who is holding the tag rope.
  • Once a tag is made, the formerly legal combatant must leave the ring within a 5 count.
  • Illegally entering the ring is grounds for a disqualification after a 5 count.

Mean Gene — Let’s take a journey to the ring to see a tag team match.