Television Broadcast

Tag Team Match

Harlem Heat vs. Rhyno and Slater

McMahon — Are we seeing future tag team champions here? Harlem Heat are tough and mean. Rhyno is hardcore and can take punishment as well as he gives it. Heath Slater can move.

Heyman — Has he got more moves than that dancer you—

McMahon — Let’s focus on the fantastic in-ring action.


Young — In a regulation tag team match with a 20 minute time limit, scheduled for one fall, Harlem Heat will face Rhyno and Slater.

Long — Holla, Holla, Holla. Rhyno and Slater better like hot sauce cause here comes Harlem Heat.

Stevie Ray — Straight shootin’ Stevie Ray says get up on your feet cause Harlem Heat is burning down this house.

Booker T — Harlem Heat is a wildfire that will burn a path to the tag team championship. Shucky Ducky Quack Quack.