Earl — I heard rumors that something wild might be coming to run maniacally over the competition.

Dave —I heard rumors about somebody who will bury all the competition.

Mean Gene — Gentlemen. Gentlemen. Let us focus on what we do know. Let me tell you about the United States Title. The matches may be less grueling in the short term than the no time limit World Wrestling Championship as the U.S. Title is limited to 30-minute matches. However, in the long term, the United States Title holder must prove he is the fittest to survive. He must defend on every SBW presentation or the title will be vacated. In contrast, the World Wrestling Championship must only be defended at our monthly broadcast specials.

Earl — That’s right Mean Gene. The United States Title must be defended at every SBW weekly event.

Dave — The U.S. Champion must be a fighting champion.

Mean Gene — Let’s travel to the ring one last time today for a United States Title qualifying match.

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