Mean Gene — Before we sign off, I’d like to introduce you to our commissioner, Mr. Kim.

Commissioner Kim — Mr. Okerlund. I am to be addressed as Commissioner Kim.

Mean Gene — Apologies Mr. — um — Commissioner Kim.

Commissioner Kim — As commissioner of Seoul Brothers Wrestling, I sign talent and book matches to ensure that SBW has the highest level of competition in the world. I would like to thank everyone today for watching the inaugural presentation of Seoul Brothers Wrestling.

Mean Gene — I am going to ask you a question that has to be on everybody’s minds. Have you signed Ric Flair and Charlotte Flair to contracts?

Commissioner Kim — We will bring in the best possible competitors from all over the world.


Mean Gene — But Commissioner Kim, do the Flairs have the image we want our SBW wrestlers to have? Charlotte Flair already interfered in Gail Kim’s match. The Nature Boy is notorious for breaking—

Commissioner Kim — Mr. Okerlund. They are fierce competitors who have a will to win. And our officials will worry about the legality of the Flairs’ tactics. Make sure you know your role.

Mean Gene — Yes sir, Commissioner Kim, sir. Well, let me thank Seoul Brothers Wrestling for this electrifying experience. We’ll see everybody next week for SBW’s Broadcast Special from Chicago. We will crown a new World Wrestling Champion, World Tag Team Champions, and a World Women’s Champion. We’ll also have another qualifying round for the United States Title to see who will face Big E at our next television broadcast. Until next time, my friends.