Broadcast Special: Chicago

Singles Match

Gail Kim vs Charlotte Flair


Gorilla — No wonder Slick Ric is ringside. He’s here to help his daughter cheat. He’s not her manager. He can’t be ringside during her match, so he’s trying to sneak in as part of the announcing team.

Brain — A man like Mr. Flair doesn’t have to sneak. I invited him to join us when I found out Charlotte had a match tonight. A professional like Mr. Flair has every right to take an interest in his daughter’s career.

Gorilla — Are you trying to weasel your way in as Flair’s manager?

Brain — Let’s not worry about me and talk about the match.

Gorilla — Charlotte has 6 inches on Gail Kim, so we’ll have to see if Kim’s signature striking attacks can work on someone of the Queen’s stature.

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