Broadcast Special: Chicago

Singles Match

Gail Kim vs Charlotte Flair


Brain — Gail Kim dives straight into that chair. She came down hard on that knee. She won’t have a chance when the Queen locks in the figure eight. Sometimes those high-risk maneuvers—

Gorilla — Are you kidding me? That chair is only there because Nature Boy tossed it in earlier to distract Kim so Charlotte could escape a rear naked choke.

Brain — That just shows you that Kim is too easily distracted

Gorilla — And what about Slick Ric shaking the ropes to throw Kim off balance. Charlotte was out and the ref was checking on her. Then, the dirtiest player in the game gave Kim a shove—

Brain — What you can shove is your bias against the Flairs. Kim has proven time and again that her ring awareness is sorely lacking.

Gorilla — The Queen kips up to her feet. I think she was sandbagging to distract the ref.

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