Broadcast Special: Chicago

World Tag Team Championship

The Undertaker and Hulk Hogan v. The Perfect Show


Brain — Mr. Flair is receiving medical treatment after the vicious attack on his person from Gail Kim, so I invited the Hart Foundation to join us ringside for this title showdown.

Jimmy Hart — Those aren’t tag teams. Those are circus acts from a freak show.

Gorilla — The Big Show and Mr. Perfect are two of the finest wrestlers on the planet. The combination of Perfect’s technical prowess and Show’s raw power are formidable. And the Undertaker and Hulk Hogan are legends.

Jimmy Hart — But are they truly a tag team? Do they know how to work together? SBW is just going for publicity by pairing Hogan with Undertaker.

Brain —  Undertaker is a phenom on his own. The deadman can’t be hurt. But Hogan is overrated, nothing but a muscle bound beach bum. Does Undertaker even like Hogan?  We already know that Hogan likes nobody other than Hogan. How can they work together in the way that tag team wrestling requires?

Gorilla — Hogan is the only one who can match the the Big Shows’ power.

Hitman — But can they work together? Do they have the excellence of execution that the Hart Foundation has shown time and time again? We deserve to be in this match.