Full Match: World Wrestling Championship from Episode 001

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Bobby “The Brain” Hennan — Kim just sucker punched Ric Flair.  She needs to be suspended for touching an announcer.

Gorialla Monsoon — That “announcer” was just pretending to be an annoucner, so he could interfere in her match.


flair hurt

Vince McMahon — We are live backstage in order to check on Ric Flair’s status.

Commissioner Kim — I hope that our medical staff has made you comfortable.

Flair — I’m banged up pretty good and just about immobile because of the cheap shot from Gail Kim.

Commissioner Kim — You should not have been on the apron or in the ring.

Flair — I will admit that I got overly excited, but I never touched Kim.

Commissioner Kim — Be that as it may, you are now banned from ringside.

Flair — How am I going to cause any interference busted up like this? I can barely move.

Commissioner Kim — Maybe you are correct. What could you do like that? You are supposed to call the World Championship match, and the fans do appreciate your insights. Ok. But any further interference and your career as an announcer is finished.

World Wrestling Championship

A.J. Styles v. Jimmy Wang Yang


Gorilla — Slick Ric wasn’t slick enough to get a shot at the gold tonight, but he did get himself a ringside seat to see what should be a heck of a match.


Brain — Jimmy Wang Yang is one of the toughest, most athletic competitors I have seen in my long career in professional wrestling. He’s got more moves than the Rosatti sisters.


Flair — Styles is an acrobat who can’t take the punishment a real man can dish out. I’d chop him down to keep him grounded and work the legs to keep him from performing his circus act.

Gorilla — No doubt that Jimmy Wang Yang is a very tough opponent, but let’s not underestimate Styles, one of the very best ring tacticians we’ve got today.

Flair — To be the man, you’ve got to beat the man, and none of these stiffs are fighting the man tonight. But if I’m not in the match, the best man available is Jimmy. I’ve been training him, and he’ll wear the gold until SBW is fair to Flair.


Mean Gene — This match for the World Wrestling Championship is scheduled for one fall and has no time limit. The Phenomenal One, A.J. Styles, will face Jimmy Wang Yang.

Yang — With all due respect to Mr. Styles, his style ain’t goin’ to prevail in this here ring tonight.

Styles — I’m no little old calf for you to rope. I’m the raging bull you have to dodge. And this phenomenal bull’s going to gore you if you stand in my way of taking that championship strap.

Yang — I’m ready to be the man. Wooooo!

Flair — And you Styles can’t be the man until you beat the man. You may not be wrestling the man, but you’ve got to beat the man’s man. And you can’t. Woooooooo!

Styles — SBW is going to be the House that A.J. Styles built.


Gorilla — Arn Anderson is coming down the entrance ramp, and the refs are moving into position to protect the match. What is Slick Ric doing? He’s tearing off his casts. He’s not hurt.

Brain — Styles is up and climbing to the top turnbuckle.


Gorilla — Oh come on. Flair just shoved Styles with that crutch, but the refs are focusing on Anderson and missed it.

Brain —Styles slipped off the top turnbuckle and gave a terrible moonsault. Kisser meet canvas.

Gorilla — You are unbelievable.

Brain — Standing senton from Yang, and Styles is hurt.

Gorilla — Yang on the top turnbuckle. Corkscrew moonsault, and this match is over.


Brain — Yang proves he has a flair for the gold!


Commissioner Kim — Seoul Brothers Wrestling presents the new World Wrestling Champion, Jimmy Wang Yang.

Yang — I want to thank SBW for giving me the chance to prove myself as the world’s best.

Mean Gene — Do you have any words for us, A.J.?

Styles — No disrespect to Jimmy, but if not for the dirtiest player in the game, I would have that big gold belt around my waist.

Gorilla —What’s Flair doing in the ring? This is Yang’s moment.

Brain — Flair has taught Yang everything he knows. Flair deserves to share the glory.

Flair — Jimmy, you’re not as good as me yet, but you’re getting there. As for you Styles, go back to that trailer you call a home and —


Brain — Styles just assaulted Flair. Unbelievable, hitting a man when his back is turned.

Gorilla — While his back was turned? Flair was nose to nose with Styles.


Brain — You better clean those glasses Gorilla. Or have all those eye gouges you took in the ring finally ruined your vision?

Gorilla — I can see just fine. I know when I’m looking at a weasel.

Brain — We better get medical to take a look at Mr. Flair. This is terrible. Styles is a maniac. A psychopath. Where’s security?


Mean Gene — Gentlemen, gentlemen! Let’s wrap this up without any more interruptions.

Yang — Growin’ up on the ranch and getting’ up at 4 in the mornin’ to start work every day of my life, I never would’ve dreamed I’d be standin’ here today with the World Wrestling Championship belt. Workin’ hard and never givin’ up pays off.


Styles — That belt would be around my waist if not for you. Don’t think this is settled. The beating I just gave you is nothing compared to what’s going to happen when I get to square off with you in a match.

Flair — It must be your style to attack an announcer out of nowhere. You better hope I did not lose a single diamond from my robe.

Brain — There goes Styles after Flair again. He’s a maniac. Somebody help Mr. Flair! Where’s security?

Gorilla — Yang is finally left alone in the ring. Look at gold on Yang sparkle and glitter. The roar of the crowd is deafening. This is tremendous!


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