Television Broadcast

World Wrestling Championship qualifier
Jimmy Wang Yang vs. Dolph Ziggler


Vince McMahon — Welcome, SBW Nation! Seoul Brothers Wrestling is live from Memphis. I’m sure Elvis the King of Rock and Roll Presley and Jerry the King Lawler have ringside seats for this one.

Paul Heyman — Don’t be silly, McMahon. Royalty would be in the sky boxes. Two kings together. Wouldn’t that be something?

Vince McMahon — We are here to see a World Wrestling Championship qualification match. The winner will face AJ Styles for the World Wrestling Championship next week at our Broadcast Special.

Paul Heyman — Why doesn’t A.J. have to go through a qualifier?

AJ Styles — Because AJ Styles is the phenomenal one. I have proven myself to be the phenomenal one all over the world. In fact, in Japan—

Heyman — We are not in Japan, Mr. Styles. And all over the world isn’t here. You haven’t proven yourself in SBW, have you? What would you do against a real man of sophistication, maybe someone like Ric Flair?

Styles — I may be just a kid born in a Marine camp in North Carolina, but I’ve traveled the world to compete against the best. And I’ve beaten ‘em. All of ‘em.

Heyman — But you haven’t beaten the Nature Boy.

Vince McMahon — Let’s focus on what is happening here. AJ., what do you think of our competitors?

Styles — The athleticism of both these competitors is off the chart, but I don’t see how Ziggler is going to compete against Yang’s toughness. Sometimes, Ziggler wants to be too pretty, and a good old boy like Yang can’t be beaten by pretty.

Heyman — You are wrong, sir. Ziggler is pretty, and he is highly skilled. Yang has speed but not the skill. And will Yang be too tired from waking up early to milk his cows?

Television Broadcast



Mean Gene Okerlund — Seoul Brothers Wrestling is on the air! Ladies and Gentlemen, people of all ages, welcome to the SBW inaugural television broadcast. We welcome you here to watch the world’s best, real professional wrestling. As my guests today, I have with me our heads of officiating, twin brothers Dave and Earl Hebner. They oversee our federation’s rules committee.

Dave Hebner — We are here for a presentation of SBW regulations.

Earl Hebner — Of note, in SBW, the referee will adjudicate all disputes and has final say over the match.

Dave — No one can overturn the referee’s decision other than the referee himself.

Mean Gene – Not even our commissioner, Mr. Kim?

Dave – That’s right, Mean Gene. Not even Commissioner Kim can overturn a referee’s decision.

Earl — We don’t use video replay, either.

Mean Gene — Why is that?

Dave —We don’t want to slow down the action. Besides, the referee is in the best possible position to make all decisions.

Mean Gene — Before we get into the specifics, we have a World Wrestling Championship qualification match. The winner of this match will face AJ Styles at next weekend’s Broadcast Special. Let us go ringside in order to provide you with this tremendous experience.


Press Conference

Tag Team Match: Harlem Heat vs. Rhyno and Slater


Teddy Long — Holla, Holla, Holla for the tag team that should be getting a shot at the championship.

Commissioner Kim — Win the match first before you make demands.

Stevie Ray — This straight shooter will show everyone who is the best.

Rhyno — How can you be the best when we are going to charge to a win?

Slater — I gotta win because I got kids. Do you know how expensive it is to raise kids?

Booker T — After this match, Slater, you and your kids are gonna have to call me daddy.

Press Conference

United States Title qualifier: Barry Windham vs. Big E of the New Day


Young – The winner of this match will continue on in our tournament to crown the United States Champion.

Xavier Woods — It’s your boys. The —

Kofi Kingston — New Day!

Barry Windham — Barnum and Bailey may have gone out of business, but that don’t mean there ain’t a new circus in town. Thanks for making me laugh, kids.

Big E — I’ll be the strongman, and you, Booty Windham, you will be the sad, sad clown nobody likes. Who’s going to win?

Woods and Kingston — Who? Who? Who? Who?

Big E — Big E!

Press Conference

World Tag Team Championship qualifier:
The Perfect Show vs. Anderson and Gallows


Commissioner Kim – The winner of this match will face a mystery team at our Broadcast Special in two weeks.

Anderson — I got a hot—

The Big Show — Is this where you yell about your blind, ugly wife to prove you aren’t a loser?

Anderson — Let’s see if I can make you any uglier with this chair.

Gallows — Is that towel to wipe up your tears after we whup you?

Perfect — The towel is because I’ll take a shower before the match. I won’t need to take one after since I know I won’t break a sweat over you.

Commissioner Kim – There will be no more of this, gentlemen, or fines will be levied.