Television Broadcast

World Tag Team Championship qualifier
The Perfect Show vs. Anderson and Gallows

Young — At a combined weight of 640 pounds, the Perfect Show.


Perfect — Nobody beats the Perfect Show.

Big Show — Noohhhhbodddyyyyy.

Television Broadcast

World Tag Team Championship qualifier
The Perfect Show vs. Anderson and Gallows

Heyman — What are Anderson and Gallows going to do to counter the size of The Big Show? 7 feet tall and 383 pounds.

McMahon — Gallows is a big man in his own right and has tagged all over the world with Anderson to great success.

Heyman — I am sure that Mr. Perfect has a perfect plan to counter the teamwork of the Good Brothers.

Young — Here are Anderson and Gallows, weighing in at 505 pounds.


Gallows — I smell something bad. What is that smell?

Anderson — I know! I know! Perfectly big Nerrrrrrrrdddddssssssss!

Television Broadcast



McMahon – There’s a shot of Commissioner Kim’s skybox here in Memphis.

Heyman – That’s Jerry the King Lawler and Jimmy Hart.

McMahon – What do you think the Mouth from the South is doing here?

Heyman – I’m more interested in who the Commissioner has his arm around. Maybe his demise was greatly exaggerated. That jumpsuit looks like it would something the King of Rock –

McMahon – The wrestlers are coming into the arena, so let’s go back to the action.

Television Broadcast


Mean Gene — What did you think of the referee’s call that Paul Heyman took exception to?

Dave — Heyman has no right to criticize the referee in this instance. Slater slapped Rhyno’s foot, and that is not a legal tag.

Earl — A legal tag has to be to the hand of a wrestler holding the tag rope.

Dave — The referee called a great match. For instance, the ref did an excellent job of stepping in with a 5 count after the illegal choke from Rhyno to Stevie Ray.

Mean Gene — Why didn’t the official end the match there?

Earl — The ref needs to let the wrestlers go, if they can. As soon as Stevie Ray got caught in the ropes, and Rhyno started choking him, the ref stepped in. Before the end of the 5 count, Rhyno broke the choke and backed away.

Dave — Stevie Ray got to his feet and could continue, so the ref did the right thing. Let the boys wrestle. The last thing a ref should do is end the match on a DQ. Mean Gene — Thank you for the insight, gentlemen. Let’s return to ringside in Memphis for a World Tag Team Championship qualification match.

Television Broadcast

Tag Team Match

Harlem Heat vs. Rhyno and Slater

Young — And here are your winners, Harlem Heat.

Long — Holla Holla Holla for Harlem Heat, your future World Tag Team Champions.

Stevie Ray — We are going to take what is ours.

Booker T It’s time for us to burn up all of SBW.

Long – Forget that mystery team you found on the streets. Give Harlem Heat that title shot next week.