Hart Foundation?

Mean Gene — Will the Hart Foundation be the team to face the Perfect Show?

Commissioner Kim — I promise an announcement will be made later this week.

Mean Gene — Why are the championship belts the Hart Foundation is wearing in this photo blurred?

Commissioner Kim — Seoul Brothers Wrestling will only acknowledge the World Tag Team Championship. The belts that the Hart Foundation is wearing in its publicity photo are meaningless to us.

Dean Ambrose vs. The Brooklyn Brawler

Ambrose Brawler.jpg

Ambrose — I don’t know you, Brawler, but I don’t have to know you to know that I don’t like you. How can I like you when I have to beat you?

Brawler — If there’s anyone doing any beating around here, it’s gonna be me beating you.

Weekend Update


Mean Gene — Good Evening, SBW fans. I’m Mean Gene Okerlund.

Young — And I’m Renee Young. We welcome you to the Seoul Brothers Wrestling Weekend Update.

Mean Gene — Ric Flair is here, but he has yet to be sanctioned for an SBW match.

Young — However, his daughter, Charlotte “the Queen” Flair is scheduled to face Gail Kim at next weekend’s Broadcast Special. The Queen cost Kim an opportunity for the Women’s Wrestling Championship.

Mean Gene — Kim is seeking to assuage her disappointment by beating Charlotte.

Young — And speaking of the World Women’s Championship, we will learn whether it is better to be a Boss or an Empress as Sasha Banks battles Asuka for the title.

Mean Gene — Renee, while the Nature Boy isn’t wrestling, he does have a protégé who is gunning for the World Wrestling Championship.

Young — That’s right. Ric Flair has taken Jimmy Wang Yang under his wing, and Yang will face A.J. Styles for the World Wrestling Championship.

Mean Gene — Arn Anderson is debuting in SBW by taking on Curt Hawkins.

Young — Hmmmm. We’ve seen Barry Windham. Soon, Arn Anderson. Does that mean the Four Horsemen will reunite in SBW?

Mean Gene — That could play havoc with the championship scene.

Young — Another championship that will be settled will be the World Tag Team Championship.

Mean Gene — We know that the Perfect Show, consisting of Big Show and Mr. Perfect, will be in contention for that belt.

Young — But we still don’t know who they are facing.

Mean Gene — We do know that in two weeks, at our next television broadcast, the United States Championship will be awarded. Big E will face the winner of next weekend’s Samoa Joe and Big John Studd match.

Young — We’ve got a lot of great wrestling to look forward to. Tune in for the mid week press conferences to learn more about these match ups.

Mean Gene — On behalf of Seoul Brothers Wrestling, thank you for watching. Good evening, my friends. See you soon.


Highlights from 000

Here are the highlights from episode 000. The full episode will be released tomorrow for download in pdf, epub, and mobi formats.

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