Television Broadcast

World Women’s Championship qualifier

Gail Kim vs. Sasha Banks


McMahon — Did you just see what Charlotte did to Kim, grabbing her ankle while she was on the top turnbuckle?

Heyman — All I saw was Kim falling off the top turnbuckle. What’s a great striker like Kim doing getting off the ground?

Television Broadcast

World Women’s Championship qualifier
Gail Kim vs. Sasha Banks


Banks — Don’t worry about a Queen when you need to get past this Legit Boss.

Kim – Being Snoop Dog’s cousin doesn’t mean you belong here. Why don’t you grab your gin and juice and find a place in the crowd to have a seat? Maybe you could watch Charlotte Flair and I put on a true showcase.

Banks – Maybe when you’re in the Bank Statement, and you tap, I’ll let you go without ripping your arms out of their sockets. Then again, maybe I won’t.

Television Broadcast

World Women’s Championship qualifier
Gail Kim vs. Sasha Banks


Charlotte Flair — How can Seoul Brothers Wrestling call this a World Championship if the Queen isn’t wrestling for it?

McMahon — I see you’ve brought in a guest commentator without consulting me.

Heyman — When you’ve got a chance to have someone like the Queen at ringside, you take the opportunity, McMahon.

Charlotte — SBW has ignored both my father and myself. We are the best men and women’s professional wrestlers in America, the world, the solar system, and the universe. We both deserve to wear championship gold.

McMahon — There is a competition committee in place that determines rankings, and based on those—

Heyman — McMahon the company man. How about that for your new catch phrase?

McMahon — There’s no call to be rude.

Heyman — How can the Nature Boy and the Queen not be at the forefront of SBW?

Charlotte — SBW knows that if the Flairs get the gold, nobody else stands a chance.

Television Broadcast



Mean Gene — What is Ric Flair doing here?

Dave — The dirtiest player in the game will find that SBW officials will not put up with his shenanigans.

Mean Gene — I’m sure of that, gentlemen. Besides having the very finest professional wrestlers, we have the world’s finest officiating crew. Let’s continue with our examination of SBW’s rules.

Earl — Our rules are standard professional wrestling rules, including the prohibition against closed fist strikes. Additionally, intentionally throwing an opponent over the top rope will result in a disqualification.

Dave — We want to continue to stress that a referee has the final say in any match.

● The referee may stop or break unsportsmanlike conduct whose intent is to injure, rather than incapacitate, the opponent.
● Failure to follow the referee’s instructions or warnings will lead to a disqualification.
● Titles shall not change hands on a disqualification or a draw.
● All rules may change based on stipulations to which both parties agree.

Mean Gene — Thank you, gentlemen. Let’s go back to the ring and see the World Women’s Championship qualifying match.

Television Broadcast

World Wrestling Championship qualifier
Jimmy Wang Yang vs. Dolph Ziggler

Young — Here is your winner, Jimmy Wang Yang.

Yang – I’ll be honest with y’all. This is the greatest moment of my life. I love my wife and kids, but this is what I’ve dreamed about becoming every since I first saw a rassslin’ match.

Young — Next week, Jimmy Wang Yang will face AJ Styles for the World Wrestling Championship.

Yang — Yeehaw! Before we leave, pardners, let my special guest come from the back and say howdy. C’mon friend.

Ric Flair — Wooooooo!


McMahon — Did you hear that? It’s Ric Flair!

Heyman — The Nature Boy is climbing into the ring.

Flair — Thank you, Jimmy. I’m the stylin’, profilin’, limousine ridin’, jet flyin’, kiss-stealin’, wheelin’ n’ dealin’ son of a gun! Renee, give my agent a call for a ticket to ride Space Mountain. Wooo! Wooo! Wooo!

Heyman — What are you going to do about that, Styles?

Styles — It doesn’t matter why you’re here, Flair. I have that championship match next week. Not you. SBW will be the house that AJ Styles built.


Flair — Styles, you aren’t the man. You’ll never be the man because you can’t beat the man. The Nature Boy is teaching Jimmy, here, to be the man. And that man will beat you. Wooooooo!

Yang — Woooahhhhh.

Flair — You gotta let it go from deep in your belly — and your groin — Woooooooooooooo!

Yang — Woooooooooooooo!